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Abella Danger|Flash Brown|Keisha Grey – Two Teens vs BBC


Abella (Abella) and Keisha (Keisha) are two sexy teenagers, they will do anything to manipulate the idol of R&B star Lenny Jackson. Now you can find almost everything on the Internet. The two girls found his address on the Internet and decided to break into his house. With his perfect big ass and sexy curves, they believe he will be unable to resist. As soon as Lenny got home, he found Keisha and Abella lying on the bed, arching their big ass and begging him to fuck. Although he was surprised at the beginning, can no one resist these two? They started by pulling out his big black cock and working together to bring him an amazing blow. They sucked his dick and his balls at the same time, and tried to impress their idols to become truly chaotic. When damn it, every girl was trying to deal with Lenny’s huge black cock, because they had never experienced such a big cock. The cats of Abella and Keisha are really nervous, they beg for more over and over again. When Keisha was fucked by this huge black cock, Abella licked her asshole and wiped her clitoris to make it easier. As a young perverted girl, she is Abella and got off the car to watch her best friend Keisha be beaten by a strong man. At some point, they took turns riding him, like there is no tomorrow, and shot the big donkey on his cock. From cat to cat to mouth and back. The two girls almost had to bargain, because he hit them in almost every possible position and never showed signs of fatigue. Then, Abella’s genitals were squeezed so well that he penetrated deep into the genitals. Keisha then fell down and sucked as much cum as possible from her best friend’s pussy. This episode is absolutely legendary, curvy, sexy, passionate, everything is there!

Date: March 12, 2021