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Aria Alexander – My Beautiful Babysitter


When Aria Alexander attended the concert and looked after a single father, she could only dream that it would lead to the hottest sex of her life. When Rob came home and surprised his beautiful teenage babysitter on the sofa, he found her hungry for a sip of his big black cock. Rob leaned down and kissed her deeply on the lips, then reached down her shorts with his hand to discover that her pussy was already wet. Aria wasted no time pulling his dick out and putting it in her mouth as much as she could. After doing a messy blowjob, Rob spread Aria’s legs and ate her ass, then sucked her pussy lips and gave her head back until she begged him to stretch her with his thick cock. When he gently opened it, Rob went all the way out with powerful, deep thrusts before sprinkling a thick ejaculation across her face and chest.

Date: March 12, 2021
Pornstars: Aria Alexander