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Bella Rose|Brad Knight|Brandi Love – Bride To Be


Hot milf Brandi overheard that she will soon become stepdaughter Bella arguing with boyfriend Brad while she is getting dressed for the wedding. She will eventually marry Bella’s father, which is understandable, this is understandable. Brad tried to persuade Bella to be a fast food restaurant before the ceremony, she thought it tasted bad. Brad tried his best to persuade her, thinking that if he took the initiative, she would follow him into the guest room. When he entered the guest room, Brandi caught him and dragged him to her room. He was obviously shocked to see his girlfriend’s daughter who was about to become a stepdaughter stripped of her underwear and actively pursued him. Brandi looks very hot, and both are hungry! Brad was ready and willing to fuck, Brandi just wanted to give the final blow before she was finally tied up. When Bella finally decided to please her boyfriends, Bella caught them. She is very angry, but she always buys things for her Brandi, and eventually thinks it will be a great wedding gift for her new stepmother. Their being caught by Bella’s father is another matter.

Date: March 12, 2021