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Bella Skye|India Summer|Peter Green – Dirty Bella


Bella Skye was exercising with her boyfriend Peter when Mrs. Summers came in to use the gym as well. Peter heard rumors of how Mrs. Summers loved to seduce her stepdaughter’s friends. Her sexual appetite was so voracious that it didn’t matter to her whether it was boys or girls. She heard them talking about her and waited for an opportunity to approach Bella. Peter walked over to work on his arms and she struck. She went to the door and closed it nonchalantly. She told Bella that she would show her what Peter was talking about and began to grope her. Bella was a little surprised, but she was really enjoying her stuffy, soft touch. She couldn’t believe how much she had succumbed to her advances! Peter walked in and was shocked beyond belief! Luckily for everyone involved, he was far more excited about all the torment than shocked and everyone was enjoying their bodies. After they pleased each other, Mrs. Summers promised them that they would not reveal it to their stepdaughter, and if they proved trustworthy enough, maybe they could do it again sometime. Something tells me their lips will be sealed to make sure they get another sex tutorial from an extremely attractive and experienced MILF.

Date: March 12, 2021