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Ella Hughes – God Save The Cream


Our favorite British import is back! As always, Ella Hughes is ready to ride. When our stud walked in, he found Ella wearing only underwear and sneakers. He picked her up easily, handled her tiny frame and spanked. It turns out that our brother is very competent, because when he whipped his cock, Ella was happy with her discovery. Before he started plowing her in the living room, she sucked on it. The missionary from behind, with his hands tightly covering her throat, twisted like a pretzel…you call it out, they did it! You can tell Ella that she really likes what she does. At the end of the scene, when she was still sucking his fat cock after he had already shot at full capacity in the face, she was satisfied with someone who knew she was doing well.

Date: March 12, 2021
Pornstars: Ella Hughes