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Jamie Valentine|Peter Green|Vanessa Sparks – The Report Card


While browsing the e-mail, Jaime noticed that her stepdaughter’s report card had arrived and it was in a bad situation. Jaime got angry, just when Vanessa popped up with her boyfriend. Jamie started yelling at her and kicked Peter out. Vanessa walked out, but only told him to step aside and she would let him into her room. She went back to the house and started talking to Jaime that she didn’t care what she said because she was just a stepmother. Jaime has had enough and asked to grab her face and push her tongue into her throat, HOT! When Jaime told her to let her butt into the living room for class, Vanessa was shocked and had nothing to say. Jaime took off her mouth and started groaning at her. At the same time, Peter had been peeping through the window and was caught while making a sound. Jaime drags him into the living room and asks Vanessa to look at him when he blows him up. Soon after, Vanessa touched herself and became soaked while her stepmother rode BF’s hard cock. When Jaime teaches these two punks, you have to see all these intense moves, how a true professional can do this job.

Date: March 12, 2021