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Natalie Brooks|Nicolette Shea|Ricky Spanish – Gold Digger Duel


The tall, blonde trophy wife Nicolette Shea is angry because her rich old boyfriend Rufus doesn’t take her out of town as often as she thought. When Rufus’ son Ricky Spanish took his lovely 18-year-old girlfriend Natalie Brooks home, Nicolette was worried that she would participate in the competition, so she decided to show Natalie the person in charge. When the teenagers fooled around in the bed, Nicolette sneaked away and walked into Ricky’s bedroom to give Natalie a deep throat class. Soon, Nicolette was riding Ricky’s cock while ordering Natalie to eat her pussy. She sat on Ricky’s face and licked Natalie ( Natalie) bastard! The two rival gold prospectors finally learned to share that guy and then share Richie’s cum.

Date: March 12, 2021